Tuesday 17 Oct @ Cambridge Junction
7.15 pm

If you like to think outside the box…

After over 10 years of interdisciplinary practice, projects and the high profile residency at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, 30 Bird is launching UN-FRAMED, the first think tank dedicated to interdisciplinary and transcultural practice in the UK.

In this first public event, UN-FRAMED will showcase the work of interdisciplinary & transcultural practitioners, including scientists, architects and artists through presentations, provocations and discussions , raising crucial questions about the creative process at the heart of interdisciplinarity.

Highlights include:

  •  Introduction to the think tank
  • Presenting our Junctures Commissions winners & their interdisciplinary projects: Zoi Dimitriou & Sachiko Horiguchi; Rob Young & Bernie Carter; Daniela Contreras López & Edison Cajas
  •  Politics vs Aesthetics: Torange Khonsari & Mehrdad Seyf
  • LMB/30 Bird Commission winner: Gareth Bloomfield with Waste Paper Opera
  •  LMB scientists ideas/presentations/installations: Mohammad Mofatteh, Danielle Mersch and Ester Vazquez Fernandez

Join us for the evening and help shape our future. Book online. UN-FRAMED is open to all.