Un-Framed think tank official launch @ Cambridge Junction

If you like to think outside the box…30 Bird is launching a new Think Tank to set up a platform for interdisciplinary and transcultural performance, bringing together artists and practitioners from other disciplines to explore new aesthetics.

In this first public event, the Think Tank will introduce the work of contemporary interdisciplinary & transcultural organisations and artists through presentations, provocations, discussion and Q & A sessions with the audience, raising crucial questions about the creative process at the heart of interdisciplinarity.

The Think Tank is open to all newcomers. Join us and help shape our future on the 17 Oct 17, 7.15 pm @ Cambridge Junction.

More on: https://mailchi.mp/8c6ae4c81bb0/30-bird-event-alert-un-framed-17-october-coming-up-1223181

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