UN-FRAMED think tank

The aim of UN-FRAMED is to develop and articulate transcultural and interdisciplinary practices, providing a theoretical and hands on platform for practitioners from various arts and non-artistic disciplines, as well as from different cultures,

It brings together artists, researchers, architects, scientists and entrepreneurs, from British and non British backgrounds, who are interested in stepping beyond the boundaries of their own discipline and cultural references to discover new ways of working.

30 Bird was born out of the desire to react against the marginalisation of immigrant culture. Often, our notion of cultural diversity reduces the complex mix of references that immigrants bring with them, preventing them from creating appropriate spaces in which their cultural richness can fully express itself.

On the other hand, practitioners wanting to collaborate with other disciplines outside of the arts find themselves regularly isolated and confined by established boundaries, without much support. This can alienate their creativity and push them away from the potentials of a much deeper and open collaborative process.

Despite an increasing trend towards more collaborative and interdisciplinary work, there is still little synthesis of the learning and development from this field of practice.

Those unchartered spaces are precisely what UN-FRAMED seeks to explore and nurture, hence reducing the current gap in information and support in this area.

We meet quarterly and you can join us any time. To attend, please contact Lia@30bird.org