Presenting our selected Junctures Commissions (1/3): The Villa Project

In Chile the Junta converted residential houses and villas into detention centres where opposition activists were tortured.

Edison Cajas (film maker) and Daniela Contreras (performer and researcher) explore the relationship between architecture and memory through the unique landscape of residential buildings where domesticity sat side by side with torture in the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom.

The Villa Project combines performance and audiovisual footage to cast a third generation perspective on the Chilean dictatorship and its persistent effects on the present day.

Daniela & Edison (Villa Project)

30 Bird Junctures Commissions: as a recipient of the Arts Council Elevate fund, 30 Bird has commissioned three new transcultural & interdisciplinary projects involving artists and collaborators outside of the arts. The results of their joint creation will be showcased at our JUNCTURES event at the Junction, Cambridge, on 24 March 18. #Juncturescommissions