Solange and Claire, servant sisters, both love and loath their mistress. As the play begins 'Madame' cruelly ridicules her devoted servant, Solange. But, as the drama unfolds we realise all is not as it seems.


The deadly game of cat and mouse has begun. Claire plays Solange, Solange plays Claire, they both play Madame. As the tension rises the boundaries between fantasy and reality become blurred until the sisters are not sure where one begins and the other ends.
In Madame's absence the maids hatch a plot to rid themselves of their mistress, but on her return they revert back to their subservient roles and their plans of murder seem dashed.
As the evening and game draw to a close who will be the victor?


A compelling study of sibling rivalry, despair and frustration Jean Genet's The Maids is one of the most powerful pieces of modern French drama.


The Maids was performed in October 2001 at Studio Voltaire and Kingston Festival.


Directed & Designed by: Mehrdad Seyf and Leslie Travers

Cast: Solange Louisa,  Spicer Evans, Claire Summerfield, Madame Gayle Montgomery



Funded by: 30 Bird
Supported by: Kingston Arts Festival.