The Parable of the Blind was 30 Bird's very first project, bringing influences from Becket and Robert Wilson and also giving shape to an architectural representation of the tactile world of the blind.


An adaptation of Gert Hofmann's novel, the piece explores the visual and comic presentation of a repetitive epic journey with no end, around the village green. Six blind men look for the painter's house where they will be painted walking, stumbling and falling into a ditch, in slow motion.

The Parable of the Blind is a comic meditation on language, art, and human pain.


Adapted from the novel by: Gert Hofmann

Directed by: Mehrdad Seyf



Eugene Ambrose, Guy Callan, Christopher Chaplin, Ralph Collie, Joe Collins, Judy Curry, Andrew Pullan, Claire Summerfield


Designer: Leslie Travers

Composer: Dominique Legendre

Lighting Design: Paul Emery


Funded by Coutts De Lysle, Arts & Business