30 Bird return to The Cambridge Junction with a selection of interruptions to alert and inspire you. A variety of interdisciplinary events will take over the building and involve you in a series of installations, performances and discussions.


Featuring the return of a selected menu of works that have reached their full potential in the last year.

The harrowing ‘Mother of All Pain’ an installation created by writer Rob Young and Professor of paediatric nursing Bernie Carter, returning to Cambridge following a year of development.


'Borderline Estate Agents' find, negotiate and, with citizens collaboration, redefine today's physical public spaces in metropolitan cities. Pop into this imaginary estate agents created by 30 Bird and public works to browse the 'gap sites' - and unused spaces in the local area. Come and think creatively about what you'd do with these sites to consider how we can redefine public space in the city. See your ideas come to life in a live drawing session, and calculate your cultural credit.


This is the first stage of 'Insomnia Lab', a project designed to collect accounts focusing on insomnia, stories, attempts to fall asleep, anything that people want to tell us about their sleepless nights. The Insomnia Lab will collect your stories, and with your agreement and your participation, aim to create a film and a live performance in the next stages of the project.


The anarchic and disruptive performance ‘International Exchange of Terrible Pop’; tells the story of a three year failed attempt by Mehrdad Seyf and Richard DeDomenici to organise a gig for Chris de Burgh in Tehran. Created in collaboration with Tara Fatehi Irani and Pouya Ehsaei, the show runs through a whirlwind tour of Iranian and Western pop music, nuclear cocktails, Indiana Jones Reduxed and how to party Tehran style. The evening will end with the Persian New Year party to celebrate Nowruz 1398. Help us enjoy the last years of the 14th century. Dress up, dance and sample some delicious Iranian food.


Date: Friday 22 March

Venue: Cambridge Junction

Price: Full Day: £15 (£12.50 concession)