Following its successful inauguration in 2015, 30 Bird has been supported by the Arts Council Elevate fund to extend Junctures to a three year programme investing, supporting and developing transcultural and interdisciplinary practice


This year's Junctures2 took place on the 24 March @ the Cambridge Junction, from 10.30 am onwards. You can choose to purchase a full day ticket or a half day ticket for either the first or second half.


Flies, molecular love, public transport, social dance and nuclear cocktails: Junctures2 is a day of live performances and provocations exploring innovation in interdisciplinary and transcultural practice from the UK, Europe, South America, Japan, Africa and the Middle east.


Date: Saturday 24 March

Venue: Cambridge Junction

Time: all day from 10.30 am

Price: Full Day: £20 (£15 concession) | Half day £15 (£12.50 concession)


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full programme


First half






All this can STILL change: dance and video

Danielle Mersch thinks she's a scientist. Henrietta Hale thinks she’s an artist. They have both chosen professions where they manipulate variables and environments to affect perception or create illusion to observe behavioural outcomes. These activities could be called experiments or could be called theatre. There is an ocean between them. With molecular Biologist Danielle Mersch and choreographer Henrietta Hale.



30 Bird and the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology commission

Vorephilia: opera and video

An opera based on the definition of a parasite as “one who eats alongside”, Vorephilia is set around an ornate banquet interrupted by an uninvited guest who disrupts the evening’s bourgeois civilities.
With Dr Gareth Bloomfield, Waste Paper Opera Company and visual artist/writer Gary Zhexi Zhang.



Undisciplined spaces: short presentations

Kerstin Hacker: Generation Z – Broadening the Visual Narrative of Zambia

Javaad Alipoor: A mosque, a theatre, a centre of political extremism and a decent bar: Elements towards the Utopian Arts Centre.

Michael  Mogensen and Ahaad Alamoudi: NIUN: Designing a Saudi future

Torange Khonsari: The Public Land Grab

Orkideh Behrouzan: Objects and Their Performative Enactment Through Rupture






Un-Framed  think tank: panel discussion

Undisciplined spaces

Panelists: Kerstin Hacker, Torange Khonsari, Orkideh Behrouzan, Javaad Alipour, Gareth Bloomfield, Michael Mogensen

Chair: Mehrdad Seyf



Junctures commission

The mother of all pain: sound installation

How do we measure pain? You can’t see it, you can’t examine it, and every pain is unique. In their collaboration, Professor Bernie Carter (Professor of Children Nursing) and Rob Young (writer) investigate chronic pain in children, looking at the pivotal role of the mother figure as the axis point of crisis. Made in collaboration with Associate Artist Hannah.



Second half



The Redux project: live film

A live re-shoot of the Arab swordsman scene from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom with a twist. With Richard Dedomenici and Mehrdad Seyf.




Junctures commission

The Villa project: film and live performance

Edison Cajas (film maker) and Daniela Contreras (performer and researcher) explore the relationship between architecture and memory through the unique landscape of residential buildings in Chile where domesticity sat side by side with torture in the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom.



Junctures commission

Vanishing points:  performance/installation

Why do people want to vanish? Experimenting with the appearance and disappearance of images in live performance and the intermingling of fiction and reality, Zoi Dimitriou (dance artist/choreographer) with a team of creative collaborators and Sachiko Horiguchi (anthropologist) delve into the phenomenon of Johatsu, the vanishing people of Japan.



Once Iran from you: performance

Join 30 Bird Artistic Director, Mehrdad Seyf and artist/film maker, Richard Dedomenici for nuclear cocktails, a spot of social dance and Iranian pastries and chewing gum as they recount the story of their failed attempts to organise a Chris de Burgh concert in Tehran. Featuring performances by Tara Fatehi Irani and Pouya Ehsaei.



RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME: participatory and site specific

A collaboration between 30 Bird, the molecular biologist Mohammad Mofatteh from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge and Roxanne  De Beaux from Cam Cycle.
Right Place Right Time is a spatial exploration of the relationship between intracellular cargo transport inside the human body and urban planning via public and private transport. Participants will travel on foot, by bike, in a car and by public transport to deliver secret cargoes to specific destinations and come back to tell the tale.




Events will carry on into the night with a concert by the Iranian musician Peyman Heydarian. (additional ticket required)


Supported by: Arts Council England, Cambridge Junction, Iran Heritage Foundation, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, METAL, Edge Hill University, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Cambridge Cycling Campaign.