JUNCTURES 1: UK Iran Cultural Exchange  - A day of debate & provocations exploring innovation & collaboration across the arts and sciences.


Working across cultures and across disciplines - can we find a common language?


  • Spotlighting collaboration as a model of sustainability and resilience
  • Presenting examples of cross cultural and cross sectorial exchange
  • Developing national and international networks
  • Profiling inter disciplinary practice
  • Featuring practitioners from the Iranian diaspora


Junctures 1 programme: Nowruz Longue Table, Peachy Coochy presentations and a joint discussion on International Exchange, Innovation & Experimentation.


Produced by 30 Bird in partnership with the British Council Iran and in collaboration with ZENDEH, supported by Cambridge Junction and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

junctures 1

Nowruz Longue Table


Scientists and artists from the UK and Iran explored inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue and discussed how working across sectors and across geographies fostered experimentation and innovation.


The Long Table is a dinner party where conversation is the only course. A Long table is set up with chairs, microphones and refreshments - anyone is welcome to ask questions, make statements, leave comments, or simply sit, watch and listen.


Guests included:

Stefanie Reichelt (Cancer Research UK)

Manick Govinda (Artsadmin)

Omar Elerian (The Bush)

Roger McCann (NFA International Arts & Culture)

Ellie Stout (Arts Council England)

Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh (ZENDEH)

Mehrdad Seyf (30 Bird)

Peachy Coochy presentations


New ways of working – how to foster experimentation, collaboration & innovation.  Compared by Tom Roden (Co-Director, New Art Club)


Presenters included:

Andy Field (Forest Fringe)

Donald Hutera (Dance Writer/ Creative Producer)

Sara Makari-Aghdam (Independent Curator)

Dr Alexandra Winkels (Lecturer in International Development)

Subathra Subramaniam (Choreographer Educator)

Gorizazmarkaz ( Live Art)

Stefanie Reichelt (Imaging Scientist/Photographer)

Bahar Fattahi (Dance Artist)

Pantea Lotfian (Technology and Foresight Consultant)

Torange Khonsari (Architect)

Mehryar Behizad (Regulatory Scientist)

Javaad Alipoor (Theatre Maker)


You can watch Peachy Coochy 2 here

International Exchange discussion


International Exchange, Innovation & Experimentation


Panel and audience discussion, includes live presentation from Iran.


Speakers included:

Fadjr Festival/Dramatic Arts Centre (Iran)

Arvand Dashtaray (Virgule Performing Arts, Iran)

 Jon Davis (LIFT, UK)

Torange Khonsari (Architect)

Chaired by Nelson Fernandez (NFA International Arts & Culture)