A whirlwind tour of Iranian and Western pop music, nuclear cocktails, Indiana Jones Reduxed, and a three year attempt to stage a gig for Chris de Burgh in Tehran. International Exchange of Terrible Pop is available for bookings now.


A collaboration between

Richard DeDomenici, Mehrdad Seyf, Tara Fatehi Irani and Pouya Ehsaei,


INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE OF TERRIBLE POP  came out of Chris de Burgh’s popularity in Iran and his decision to stage the first gig by a Western artist in Tehran after the 1979 Islamic revolution.


He travelled to Iran in 2009 but his gig did not take place.

He did however record the song I Love you with the Iranian band Arian, sung both in English and Farsi.


Discover funky psychedelic Iranian music, a delightful taste of pastries several dysfunctional ladies in red and expect some karaoke and dancing.
International Exchange of Terrible Pop (previously performed under the title of ONCE IRAN FROM YOU) is available for bookings now.
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International Exchange of Terrible PoP