Black and white movies, love rebellion. Tehran in 1951, a cosmopolitan city on the brink of change. Two couples, Mammad and Minou, Parviz and Lily struggle to preserve their love in turbulent times.


A tragic thriller set during the Mossadegh era (1951-1953), Death by Heroine explores the lives of two couples caught amongst the political instability of Iran's first democratically elected government and the subsequent Coup D'etat. We follow their love as it flourishes amongst riots and finds comfort in black and white movies. But real life events soon overtake those of the silver screen.


Death By Heroine is an Anglo-Iranian collaboration to tell the story of an Anglo-Iranian crisis.


Death By Heroine was performed for a three week run in February 1998 at Riverside Studios.



Minou Claire Summerfield, Nima/Parviz Christopher Chaplin, Mitra Cathy Ryan, Lily Louisa Spicer, Mammad Andrew Pullan, Little Nima Peter Vrahimis and Michael Stylianou


Voice-over: Julian Littman

Written and directed by: Mehrdad Seyf

Design: Leslie Travers

Lighting Design: Victoria Harvey

Music composed by: Mehrdad Seyf

Production Manager: Emma Grant

Construction: Sam Roelandts

Costumier: Anne Cowan

Stage Manager: Emma Jones-Lloyd

Deputy Stage Manager: Julia Reid

Assistant Stage Manager: Dominic Leary



Funded by Coutts de Lysle, Arts & Business and Awards for All.

death by heroine