14 Tables is a durational 21st century Futurist dinner/performance with the participation of the audience as guests.


Three hosts invite you to join them for dinner at their banquet table. The food is animation: carrot soup disappearing slowly, steaks slithering on the table cloth looking for a steak-mate to copulate with and give birth to a cow. One of the hosts vomits cows floating in milk from plate to plate. Sounds of thunder, rain, birdsong and The Carpenters interrupt the proceedings. The hosts tell stories about gender ambiguities, love, sex and end up performing an absurd short piece about religion, marriage and virginity through the table. The audience are invited to share their stories and to write their answers on the table cloth to some intimate questions.


14 Tables changes with every performance. Its duration can vary from 50 minutes to beyond two hours. The performatory nature of 14 Tables is determined by an instinctive collaboration between the performer/creators and the audience.


14 Tables was developed in 2011-2012 with support from The Basement and Battersea Arts Centre.


Performed and created by: Mehrdad Seyf , Mamoru Iriguchi, Jessamin Landamore

Animation and Design: Mamoru Iriguchi

Sound: Enrico Bertelli

Production Manager: Zecan Cemal

Producer: Claire Summerfield


Funded by Arts Council England. Supported by The Basement and Battersea Arts Centre

14 tables