A love story and a story of illness, Binazeer focuses on the psychological afterlife of wars and sheds light on the lived experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


The performance is inspired by memories of a child living in Tehran under constant bombardment by Iraqi forces (The War We Lived) and a young man who suffers from PTSD  in a care home trying to construct his life between the real and the virtual, between symptoms and memories, while keeping alive Binazeer, the woman he lost to the war, in his blog.


Binazeer is an explosion of contradictions where missiles and chocolate, Billy Jean and blisters, share real and imaginary spaces.


The production was first developed at East 15 in collaboration with East 15 BA World Performance.


Our aim is to reshape Binazeer for further performances in the UK in collaboration with individuals and organisations interested in our interdisciplinary approach to performance and in promoting a dialogue about PTSD.


We have received an initial impact fund from Kings College London to engage with artistic, academic and industry partners for the project. For further details please contact …


Based on two short stories by Orkideh Behrouzan: The War We Lived and Binazeer.
Created and Directed by Mehrdad Seyf in collaboration with East 15 BA World Performance.


Production Team

Director: Mehrdad Seyf

Set Designer: Carlos Moral Reis

Lighting Design: Steven Owens

Costume Design: Mila Sanders

Sound Design: Lewis Hinkley-Keens

Music Director: Ella Bellsz

Movement Director: Steffany George

Graphic Design and Video: Alexander O'Connell

Assistant Directors: Lara Costello, Michaela Gasteratou, Rele Molapo, Becka Eden Philpot.



Yasmin Ahasanullah, Christian Anstee, Fiona Beverley, Bethany-Ann Carter, Robin Clarke, Lara Costello, Emi del Bene, Rosie Dunjay, Michaela Gasteratou, Lewis Hinckley-Keens, Ryan McLachlan, Declan McLaughlin, Alice Middleton, Mpho Molapo, Ciara Molloy, Rebecca Philpot, Steffi-Jo Skinner, Louise Ubbels, Jasmin Weston, Tiina Winter


Supported by East 15 and Kings College impact fund.